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Macro Calculation and sample meal plan- $35

Using the app MyFitness Pal, we will determine your total calories, as well as the fat, protein, and carbs needed to achieve your goals.  We will then create a sample meal plan based on what you like to eat so that you have the ongoing tools to create healthy meals.  This is best in person, but can also be done virtually.

Check out this short video to calculate your macros using MyFitness Pal

Weekly support- $40/session , minimum of four sessions

The food you eat has a huge impact on how you look and feel.  My goal is to help you make lasting lifestyle changes that do not seem like a restrictive diet.  

I start by analyzing your food log, and working with you to implement changes to reach your goals.  We move at your pace to make sure it works with your lifestyle and is sustainable. I help you understand the macronutrients that you need, and how to plan your meals.  My approach is to focus mainly on real, high quality food- lean protein, healthy fats, and vegetables and find what works best for you!  There is no magical, one size fits all approach.  

Change is hard! We will spend as much time as you need to go in depth with meal planning and prep ideas, grocery shopping, mindset changes,  etc.  Let me know what you need to be successful!