Overcoming Two Excuses For Why You Can't Eat Healthy

The top two excuses I hear for why people can’t eat healthy food (and yes, I’m calling them out as excuses, not reasons) are that it takes too much time or it costs too much money. And it’s true that there is usually a trade off- you either pay more for convenience or you spend more time to save money. Eating healthy is so important, not just for looks like your weight and glowing skin, but to make you feel energetic and prevent disease So pick which is more important, time or money, and use the following tips.

To save time (usually costs more):

  • Buy vegetables that are already sliced, spiraled, or even on kabobs that are ready to grill

  • Buy pre-marinated meats (just read the ingredients)

  • Order through a meal prep service like Stella’s Kitchen, The Fit Kitchen, Trifecta, etc. Make sure you have access to the macros and ingredients so you know it’s truly healthy.

  • Buy pre-portioned snacks like protein bars and beef jerky (again read your labels 😊 )

To save money (which may take more time)

  • Buy in bulk and stock up when there is a sale. Each week I check which meats are on sale at New Seasons and that helps determine my shopping list.

  • Cook in bulk and freeze leftovers

  • Buy whole vegetables and fruit. Chop them up and portion them out when you get home

  • Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.

  • Make your own snack boxes by portioning out things like hard boiled eggs, carrots, fruit, even crackers and a little piece of chocolate.

Find what works for you, and make it happen. You deserve to put good things in your body!

Oh, and I have to mention that Isalean shakes, bars, and Whey Thins can save you both time and money. 😉 https://christinerosencrance.isagenix.com/

Photo credit: Pexels