Staying On Track During the Summer

Summer is almost here!  The positives- sunshine, longer days, more opportunities to get outdoors and more time with your friends and family.  This can also mean that you get out of your routine.  Part of a healthy lifestyle is being able to adjust and make decisions that are aligned with your goals.  Here are some tips to stay on track:

  • Start with scheduling at least two times a week for strength training.  Not only does this sculpt your muscles, it increases your metabolism so that you burn more calories.

  • Be flexible with your workouts.  Maybe you get up earlier to do a workout before the kids wake up, or work out at home instead of going to the gym (join Fit in 15 if you need quick workout ideas :)) .  Maybe you go for a hike instead of your normal cardio day.  There are so many outdoor options like bike rides, paddle boarding, and swimming. Feel free to mix things up to keep moving.

  • Think of the healthy summer treats you get to enjoy- things like watermelon, freshly picked berries, grilled vegetables, etc.  Take them to bbq's and picnics so everyone has healthy options. You can even grill burgers, just think about skipping the bun.

  • Stay prepared with healthy snacks. You may be on the go more often, so stock up with protein bars, fruit and vegetables, jerky, and water. This will save calories and money.

  • Enjoy the summer!  Ice cream everyone once in a while is ok too! 

Photo credit: Pexels

Photo credit: Pexels