Create Habits Instead of Relying on Willpower

Did you know willpower is limited? The longer you have to rely on willpower and the more decisions you have to make, the more difficult it is to continue to make good decisions. 
So if you start your day wondering what to wear, what you should eat for breakfast, what you should eat for lunch, when should you work out, what should you do, etc, the harder it gets to make decisions that are in line with your goals. Maybe you avoided the treats your coworkers brought in and the vending machine, but then you get home and while deciding what to eat for dinner, you stuff your face with chips. It’s not a sign of weak willpower; it just means you used it all up.
Habits on the other hand, can be strengthened. Start the habit of looking at your schedule the night before and planning when you will work out. Lay out your work and gym clothes. Plan your breakfast (just another reason why I love my shakes). Start there, then move on to planning your lunch, snacks, and dinner. The longer you do it, the easier it gets. It will become part of your normal routine, like brushing your teeth. Create good habits and live your best life!