Spring Back After Spring Break Meal Plan

The best meal plan is one that you create based on what you like to eat. But since a lot of people have been asking for a way to get back on track after Spring Break, here is what I’ll be doing!

It’s based on the template of a palm size serving of protein (one for females, two for males) + two fist size servings of vegetables + a thumb size serving of fat (one for females, two for males) + a cupped handful of carbs. It can be that simple! Use these guidelines if you want to substitute anything below.

Day 1:

Breakfast: Coffee + 1-2 tbs MCT oil. + Isalean shake. You can drink these at the same time or a few hours a part. OR two eggs scrambled with two fists of spinach + a handful of blueberries

Lunch: Mix a palm size of tuna + thumb size of Primal Food Chipotle mayo. Serve over two fists of mixed greens and sliced cucumbers + cupped fist of rice. It tastes just a like a spicy tuna bowl!

Snack: Isalean shake OR palm sized serving of turkey lunch meat + two fists of carrots and bell peppers + thumb size guacamole

Dinner: Palm size salmon + two fists broccoli roasted with thumb size olive or avocado oil + cupped roasted red potatoes

Day 2:

Breakfast: Coffee + 1-2 tbs MCT oil. + Isalean shake. OR two fried eggs + two fists shredded zucchini + cupped fist shredded sweet potato to make a hash

Lunch: Palm size chicken breast + two fists mixed greens, tomatoes, and artichoke hearts + thumb size Primal Kitchen Greek dressing + cupped fist pita chips to make a Greek salad

Snack: Isalean shake OR one sliced hard boiled egg + two fists cucumbers, micro greens, pickled opinions + thumb size avocado + Ezekial bread or rice cake to make avocado toast.

Dinner: Palm size shrimp with Mexican seasoning + two fists shredded cabbage and diced tomatoes + thumb size avocado + two small corn tortillas for shrimp tacos

Day 3:

Breakfast: Coffee + 1-2 tbs MCT oil. + Isalean shake. OR palm size chicken sausage + two fists steamed spinach+ cupped fist raspberries

Lunch: Palm size salmon + two fists steamed carrots and broccoli + thumb size peanut butter mixed with coconut milk and sriracha to taste + cupped fist rice

Snack: Isalean shake OR palm size cottage cheese + two fists cherry tomatoes

Dinner: Palm size chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder+ two fists artichoke hearts and spinach + thumb size olive oil (either steam the veggies or make a salad) + cupped fist mashed sweet potatoes

Need something sweet? Have a date or protein ball.

Need something salty? Have a few pickles

Need something bubbly? Have a La Croix

In all reality, I will eat the same meals for several days in a row to make meal prep easily. So either switch it up every few days, or use the template the create your own meals.

I think it’s most convenient to start my day with a shake, and sometimes have a second as a snack. You get 24 grams of protein, plus 23 vitamins and minerals, and all you need to do it shake it with water! I would love to help you get started! https://christinerosencrance.isagenix.com/