What's Stopping You?

I talk a lot about balance, not beating yourself up if you slip up, and taking small steps that work for you. Living a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyable. You should make choices because they make you feel good, and sometimes it feels good to eat the cake, or drink the wine. But as Rachel Hollis says, I’m your coach, not your cheerleader. Sometimes we need a little tough love to get refocused on our goals.

If you have found yourself skipping workouts, or not giving them your all, or not making the best food choices, take some time to really think about your health goals. What do you want to look like? How do you want to feel? How will your life improve when you reach your goals? How will you feel if you break this commitment to yourself?

Get clear on your goals and what it takes to get there. It will require you to make choices focused on the long term benefits instead of short term pleasure. Ask yourself, does this bring me to closer to or farther from my goals? It’s about flipping your mindset so you don’t feel deprived when you give things up; you feel empowered that you made a decision to improve yourself.

Workouts: While it’s better to do a little something than nothing, don’t use that as an excuse. To continue to see results, you need to increase the duration or the intensity of your workouts, or switch things up. Our bodies are meant to move, and we need physical activity each day. Turn off Netflix, go to bed, and wake up early enough to get your workout in. Schedule workouts on your calendar and make them a priority. You can do them at home (aka Fit in 15) , just make them happen and give them your best effort.

Food: Plan your meals ahead of time and enter them into My Fitness Pal to ensure you are eating the right amounts for you. Then stick with what you have planned! Be prepared with healthy snacks or sip on tea to avoid extra snacking. Focus on what will make your body feel good, not just what your taste buds crave or other people are eating.

Social situations: This can be the hardest one. Share your goals with your friends and family and tell them how they can support you. Suggest going on a hike instead of happy hour, ask your spouse not to bring junk into the house. Learn to say “No thank you, I’m good” when people offer you things that are not aligned with your goals. If someone gives you a hard time for wanting to live a healthy life, limit the time you spend with them. Again, I know this hard. But it’s your body and your goals! Find people with the same goals and support each other.

It’s not always easy, but it’s so worth it! Now go make it happen!