Easy Curry Recipe

I love curries because you can make a full meal in one or two pots and there are many ways to mix and match the ingredients to add variety. I made a vegan curry for the first time, so it’s a little higher in carbs to try to get the protein up. But it was super filling and delicious!

Here is the basic recipe, along with the specifics of what I used.

Basic Ingredients:

Coconut Oil

Curry- Thai green, red, or yellow, or Indian curry

Protein- Chicken, beef, shrimp, chickpeas, or tofu

Veggies- Carrots, potatoes (white or sweet), bell peppers, spinach, peas, eggplant

Coconut milk

You can eat alone or serve it over rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice.


Heat 1-2 tbs coconut oil in a large pot

Saute 1/4 of an onion until brown

Add 1-2 tbs curry (I used red). Add more if you like it spicy

Add 1 lb meat and cook until browned. (if using shrimp or tofu, you may want to add after some of the heartier vegetables). I used chickpeas and went straight to the next step.

Add one can full fat coconut milk

Add 2-3 cups veggies of your choice (I used carrots, which I let cook down a bit, then added frozen peas)

Let simmer for about 20 minutes and you have a meal!

I served it over quinoa and topped it with cashews.