Actions For August

Actions for August

Actions for August is all about making small changes to improve your life.  Implementing change can be hard, but once it becomes a habit, you’ll see that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t that hard to do, and is totally worth it! 

Start with one action that is meaningful to you, and be excited about it!  This is a change to enhance your quality of life, not add stress to it.  Once the action becomes a daily habit, add on another one.  You may add one habit during the month, or you may add one a week.  Do what feels right!

Actions (Pick one at a time) -

Drink eight ounces of water with a dash of sea salt and lemon first thing in the morning. (I use essential oil to make it even easier).  This can help remove toxins, improve digestion, and keep you hydrated. 

Eat at least one cup of vegetables with your meal.  This will provide important micronutrients and help keep you full. 

Spend the last two hours before bed doing something that doesn’t involve a phone, television, or computer screen.  This will improve your sleep, reduce eye strain, and increase your activity level. 

Drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day.  Staying hydrated will help with your metabolism and keep your body functioning properly. 

Exercise for 20 minutes a day. Do I need to explain this one? 😊 Exercise improves your mood, burns calories, builds muscles, improves your health, etc.  It can be anything- gym, a class, walking, biking, etc.  Just get moving. 

Track your food in MyFitness Pal.  Tracking your food allows you to see if you are eating the right quality and types of food for your goals. 

Do five minutes of stretching/yoga.  Keeping your body in proper alignment will help you move better and can avoid injuries. 

Eat lean protein at each meal.  Protein is the foundation for a strong body and helps you feel full. 

Intermittent fasting- keep your eating window between 8-10 hours.  See for all the details and benefits. 

Lift weights at least twice a week.  Building muscle improves your body composition, helps burn calories, and makes you feel like a bad ass. 

Compliment at least one person a day.  A random compliment can change someone’s day!  Seeing their reaction will improve your mood.   

Read an inspirational/self-improvement book for 10 minutes.  Invest in learning and self-development and go out and do great things!

Tag me if you do any of these and feel free to share with your friends. 

Christine Rosencrance