Eight Day Detox

I'm excited to have a big group take on this year's clean eating challenge!  It's a little stricter than normal, but it's only for eight days.  And after our annual camping trip, our bodies will thank us for the reset!

The challenge goes from August 6th-13th.  We will start with two shake days, then a one day cleanse on August 8th, with the option of extending it to a two day cleanse for the 9th, then continue with shake days through the 13th. 

For the shake days, you will replace two meals with a high quality Isalean shake, eat a healthy 400-600 calorie meal, and have two 100-200 calorie snacks.  I will share what I'm eating, based on about 1,600 calories a day, along with an easy meal planning guide.  Add or subtract food based on your needs and goals.  (1,600 is pretty low for my activity level, but this is temporary to reset my body after a weekend of indulging)

What you will need:


1 canister Isalean shakes

1 canister Cleanse for Life

1 package Whey Thins (my preferred choice) or IsaSnacks

1 canister Ionix



2nd canister of Isalean shakes for variety




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