Staying Active On Vacation

Yes, I still exercise when I go on a vacation! To me, going on a vacation isn't an escape from life, it's a chance to experience life!  While it's nice to lay around and relax, I can only do that for so long.  My body just feels better when I move.  Part of traveling is also experiencing the local culture, including the food, so getting in some exercise is a good way to balance it out.  

When I say exercise, I don't mean you have to stick to a strict routine.  I rarely follow my normal lifting program; I just make a point to do something.  Look for ways to be active while exploring the area.  Go for a hike, jog, rent a bike, or take long walks to explore your surroundings.  Check out the neighborhoods, local shops, and parks.  Exercise can also be play time!  Swim in the ocean, rent a paddle board or kayak,  go skiing, throw a Frisbee on the beach, go golfing, etc.  There are so many activities that keep you moving. 



For longer vacations, I do like to get in a few workouts.  There are all sorts of quick workouts that can be done in a hotel gym, hotel room, or outdoors.  You can get some ideas here  

Remember, when you have intensity, you don't need a lot of time!  If there are weights available, I like to squat, bench, and row.  If there aren't weights, there's always burpees to make you sweat!  Or pick a few moves and do a couple rounds of Tabata.  You can spend 20-30 minutes in the gym, then get back to your day.  Move your body because you love it and enjoy your vacations this summer!