Goals that Get Results

I love that our company’s theme for 2019 is Results, not Resolutions. January is approaching and it’s the time that everyone starts their New Year’s Resolutions. And while it’s great to set goals, most New Years Resolutions only last for 12 days! Here are some tips to get you the results you want!

First, get clear on your goal and why you want it. See yourself achieving the goal, image how you will feel, what it will look like, and be specific. Think about the emotion attached to achieving it. You may have multiple goals to improve several areas of your life, and it’s good to want a well balanced life. Start with picking the one that is most important to you, and focus on one goal at a time.

Next, break it down into actionable steps. It’s awesome to have a huge goal, such as run a marathon, triple your income, or lose 50 pounds. Start with the end result that you want, then break it down into actionable items. Be realistic with your starting point. If you have previously ran a half marathon, your training plan to run a full is going to be different than if you haven’t run more than a mile for quite some time.

Start with relatively easy steps in a short time frame. You want to feel a sense of accomplishment. If you haven’t been going to the gym at all, start with a goal of going three days a week instead of every day. If meal prepping is new to you, commit to prepping your lunch during the week. Once you feel successful and that goal becomes a habit, then you can add on additional days, or start working on another goal.

Find accountability partners. Share your goal with everyone and ask people to hold you accountable. Hang out with people working on the same goals and support each other, such as finding a friend to go to the gym on the same days as you.

Most importantly, focus on what you can add in, not what you are giving up. If you fill in the good stuff, you automatically crowd out the bad. Your goals should be based on improving your life, not punishing yourself. Instead of thinking about the foods you will eliminate, focus on yummy recipes for nutritious food that will fill you up and make you feel good.

Spend some time thinking about your goals, and set a clear, action focused path to get there. You don’t need New Years Day to start, you just need to be excited to get after them!