Who are your people? Because you really need them.

It's hard to admit that I need other people.   I like to think I'm smart, ambitious, hard working, etc so why shouldn't I be able to be disciplined enough to stay motivated and on track?  It felt like a weakness that I needed other people in any aspect of my life.  But it's not!  We all have doubts, we all have things come up that get us off track, or make us question our path.  Surrounding yourself with positive, like minded people is the best way to get refocused and stay motivated.

This can be true for any aspect of your life- eating habits, exercise routine, starting a business, changing jobs, etc.  While other people can't make you happy, it's so beneficial to have your people.  They will encourage you when you don't see progress, help talk through your ideas to find solutions, and share experiences.  Chances are, if you are feeling scared, disappointed, or unhappy with something in your life, they have been there too, and you can talk through it together.  There might be a short vent session, or even a little pity party, but ultimately you want people that help you move past it. 

Sometimes I get wrapped up in my own life and forget how good it can feel to catch up with a good friend.  Once we start openly talking about what we are working on and struggling with in life, ideas start flowing!  It can change your mindset from fear and doubt to excitement and endless possibilities.

I'm a strong believer that things happen for a reason.  Maybe it's teaching you a lesson, redirecting you to something better, or helping you re-evaluate your priorities. If you have people that pour belief into you, you can accomplish anything!  Take the time to make regular dates with those people.  If you both seem too busy, that's even more reason to make the time and talk!  Self motivation and discipline is important, but life is much more fun with other people that dream big like you do.  So go connect with your people!