More 12 Days of Christmas Workouts!

I love The 12 Days of Christmas Workouts! One of my clients has been dealing with tennis elbow, so I created another version focused on legs and abs. Use weights if you have them, but it can also be done with just your body weight. Let me know if you do it! Just like the song- do one box jump, then two lateral lunges and one box jump, then three V ups, two lateral lunges, and one box jump. Continue until you get through 12 jumping lunges , 11, 10, etc and finish with a final box jump.

1 Box jump

2 Lateral lunges (can be weighted)

3 V ups or Toes to Bar

4 Good mornings (can be weighted or banded)

5 Hollow rocks

6 Supermans or GHD Hip extensions

7 Sit ups

8 Lunges (can be weighted)

9 Barbell hip thrusts or unweighted glute bridges

10 Step ups (can be weighted)

11 Squats (can be weighted)

12 Jumping lunges