Staying Connected to Your Why

2017 is off to a great start. People are back in class on a regular basis, several new people joined the On Ramp classes for CrossFit and we have our biggest group ever doing the IsaBody Challenge. Now, we are over a month in, we’ve had a few snow days and Super Bowl weekend, so it’s a good time to make sure we are still connected to our Why’s.
It’s important to have short term and long term goals for pretty much everything in life. You have probably heard about setting SMART goals-
= specific
= measurable
= achievable
= realistic
= time based
A very common goal, especially in January, is “I want to lose weight”. We can make this a SMART goal by saying “I want to lose five pounds in 30 days by following a meal plan and working out three times a week. “
We now have a specific, achievable goal with a time frame and even a plan to get there. So how come it doesn’t always happen? This is where your WHY comes in. Is the goal of wanting to lose five pounds enough to turn down that cocktail, or go to the gym when you’re tired, or order the salad at dinner when your husband is eating a burger with fried onions and bacon? Sometimes you need to drill down several layers to find a deeper meaning that will continue to motivate you.
Some questions to ask are:
Why is that your goal? And what else? How will that make you feel? What will change by hitting your goal? Why is that important?
Take your time to ask these questions as many times as you need to and write down your answers.
For example:
Why do you want to lose weight? Because I’m overweight and tired all the time.
And what else? My family has a history of heart disease and I want to prevent that.
How does that make you feel? I don’t have a lot of energy when I come home from work and I’m scared that I won’t be around to see my grand kids.
What will change by hitting your goals? I will be able to play with my kids and take them swimming and hiking. I can participate in life instead of sitting on the sidelines.
Why is that important? My family means the world to me and I want to enjoy life making memories with them.
So now, instead of saying “I want to lose five pounds” say “My family means the world to me and I want to enjoy life making memories with them.” Find the deeper meaning and use that as motivation to achieve your goals. Stay connected to your WHY and anything is possible!

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